• Kzin – Felinoid aliens with a strict warrior caste system. They were under some severe Imperial oppression during the Empire years, but have taken back their world since the Fall. Their homeworld is still heavily scarred from decades of mining by companies working under Imperial charters.
  • Xenomorph Shifters – The chagelings? They’re a myth right?
  • Humans – The great Empire of Humanity ruled known space for 20,000 years. What existed before the Empire? Not many care to even ask. The Empire contained many alien worlds, but their resources went to feed the glory of humanity. Most humans from the Core, the Marches or the Fringe speak Espran and have, for the most part, a common culture. Little is known of the human cultures that exist beyond the Fringe; rumors abound of transhuman monstrosities, merging or perverting the human form with cybernetics or bizarre biological modifications.
  • Races

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